Bookkeeping Review

Many businesses do their own bookkeeping but feel a need to have a third party accountant that they can call for assurance that they are recording transactions correctly and are in compliance with various government regulations.

My bookkeeping review program is very affordable and allows me to be a valuable, confidential resource when you have questions.

You can choose annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly reviews and get:

  • Someone to assist you with preparing tax return input ready reports (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements). Input ready means that you have documents to support asset and liability balances reported on Balance Sheet and have appropriate detail schedules supporting various Profit & Loss accounts. Well documented input reduces tax preparation fees.
  • Someone to show you how to quickly reconcile general ledger accounts that don’t agree with year end supporting documents. 
  • Someone to analyze a bookkeeping problem and find a solution for it.